Caution for Love

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After all these years,

I’m surprised,

It’s like the first day,

I can barely hold my tears.

I feel the closeness,

It hurts me a lot.

Can I forgive you?

I don’t know, the answer is tough.

The pain, the grief,

It’s all deep,

I can’t tell you,

So much mischief.

Do you still love me?

And what about her?

I don’t trust you.

Unfortunately, I can’t anymore.

Please talk to me,

Just once more to clear up,

The past, I can´t hold it,


You destroyed me.

Do you realize that?

Hurt me, mauled me,

Unfortunately, it’s true.

And now we sit together,

Better than ever

Talking and laughing,

I am feeling your touch.

My love, I loved you,

So, so much.

And sometimes I think we could love again,

get together,

fly higher than ever,

bend life,

in the right direction,

back on track,

to weigh the past.

Silence. Thoughts.

Hope and pain.

It hurts so much,

Am I insane?

(Leonie Hermann, 2021)

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